The dread and fear of COVID-19 wave 2 is taking toll on our shopping routines especially of the consumer essentials that we need the most in our homes. Be it a pinch of baking powder or a particular shampoo to take shower with, be it some tempting cheese or the medicines you need daily, be it iftaar list of Ramazan or your kid’s demands to be met; getting out to an all purpose departmental store is all you hunt for. …

With the quest to empower our people, we are wholeheartedly committed to bring in the most to the valley rather than taking out the most from here. The two really significant by products of this quest being ‘generation of employment' and ‘reaching the unreachable’. Throughout our journey, we have slowly been reaching the milestones while continuing to expand our reach and setting newer targets that meet a huge amount of offerings for our people.

Today, on the eve of our CEO’s birthday we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the top most essentials brand and your own Apni…

As the second wave of COVID-19 continues to haunt us while curtailing our routine activities, there shan't be any chance of not living up the peaceful month of Ramazan the way we have been living it. Staying indoors to reduce the risk is indeed a good choice but we know how significant Fridays of this pious month are for all of us. So, we bring out our another Ramazan special gift for you in the form of free Friday deliveries from our Srinagar hub.

Throughout the entire month of Ramazan on Fridays, any orders booked with us within Srinagar city

As the most peaceful and soothing month of the year begins, FastBeetle is up to soothe your senses with exciting and fresh concepts for you. Starting with the introduction of free freezer service in our warehouse.

The cool & calm freezer 😉😉

Undoubtedly, Ramazan comes with ample blessings for each one of us while teaching us to be more generous and more giving. In addition, there is a Kashmiri saying that goes as “Yi aesi bahan ryetan zaenaa che, ti che aesi Ramzan’kis aekis ryetas kharchawaan”. This means whatever we earn for rest of the 11 months of the year, we spend that in the month…

As the harshest winter in Kashmir took toll over almost anything and absolutely everyone in the valley, it also set the scene for us to be prepared for even worst consequences that nature can shower upon us anytime. We, as a team also came up with realisations from the lessons that nature taught us this winter.

While this excruciating epoch continued in the valley, it inspired us seeing our delivery team picking up and delivering goods from door to door with utmost care amid this harsh temperature followed by other risk factors.

As a token of love to our delivery…

Knowing the charges for any service is a fundamental requirement for the users of the respective service. To simplify this requirement for you, we came up with a feature integrated on our web and mobile apps on the onset of this year.

While your search engines hit the online delivery options with 'Parcel delivery near me' typed from your keyboards, the immediate next questions come up as 'What are the charges for this and that pin code?’, 'How much do you charge within this city?’, 'What amount you charge for parcel deliveries nationally or internationally?’ and so on.

We have…

For years, the unrest in Kashmir has been a serious setback for local businesses to grow and 2020 being ever challenging was a plus.

While whole world was facing the huge calamity in the form of
Corona Pandemic, we as a team decided to uplift and reach out to
our people who wouldn’t want to step out of their homes and whose search engines would desperately search for the local courier services or parcel delivery options in their respective city.

Taking it as a 2020 challenge, we operated from a conflict zone, in order to provide the fastest delivery to…

Yesterday morning, our team woke up to one of a grave message in our official inbox. It wrote, ‘Can you deliver life saving drugs in a single day from Srinagar to Bandipora?’

Seeing that ‘life saving’ phrase gave us all chills and we spoke about it in our WhatsApp group. None of us bothered of the working hours which were yet to start for us and without even a breakfast meal, we were already up on a plan to make this delivery possible, for it meant saving a life.

We all knew of the challenges, that included harsh winter weather…

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