Introducing delivery of consumer goods from your favorite departmental stores in the city

2 min readApr 20, 2021

The dread and fear of COVID-19 wave 2 is taking toll on our shopping routines especially of the consumer essentials that we need the most in our homes. Be it a pinch of baking powder or a particular shampoo to take shower with, be it some tempting cheese or the medicines you need daily, be it iftaar list of Ramazan or your kid’s demands to be met; getting out to an all purpose departmental store is all you hunt for. But the pandemic season 2 risks are not allowing you to step out and move to a crowded store for your essential shopping list.

Just stay home, beetles are here to help you.

So, what is the way out to shop from your favorite departmental stores like 7/11, Cash N Carry, Pick N Choose, City Max, Capital departmental store and many more?

Beetles, Beetles, Beetles.

We will help you deliver your huge shopping list home while maintaining all the hygienic measures and keeping the delivery contact less and safe. With our prior experience from the onset of pandemic last year, we make sure to be of help to you in a way that comforts and eases out your essential needs.

All you need to do is to create a checklist of your essentials to be shopped from yours favorite store, pass it on to us and stay relaxed. We will deliver the whole stuff to you.

The fear is genuine and the risks shouldn't be taken unnecessarily. This is high time we avoid getting out of our homes and try following up with teams like beetles for our delivery needs. We make sure that our team takes all possible hygienic measures for theirs and your safety, so choose us and keep choosing us for professional, reliable and safe delivery service




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