Outlaying the idea, FastBeetle journeyed from zero to a definite worth in their last mile service

2 min readMay 16, 2021

A journey of two people on two wheels that started two years ago from the conflicted valley with nothing but an idea to execute, in order to empower their people, has breathe a new life with the much awaited stage of their first investment.

Image source: Forbes India

We are overjoyed to share with our people the news of moving into venture capital financing from bootstrapping. Yeah, you heard it right.

FastBeetle, your very own startup brand from Kashmir has raised Seed capital led by multiple investors in and out of the valley at 3 crore valuation. While the major part of funding came externally, we are glad that our local and homegrown business ventures are also a part of this round.

Where we offer tech-driven end-to-end logistics and messenger support to more than 500 local businesses in Kashmir, provide COD facility in more than 30,000 pin codes and have reached to about 400 villages with our ‘reaching the unreachable’ plan; our sole purpose of raising the seed funds is expansion. FastBeetle now plans to move out from the parent station to plant its roots outside the valley.

In addition to our fundraise, we also feel glad to have a legal procedure for delivering anything globally that vary from traditional spices from the valley to the gifting of traditional arts and crafts to your friends over the seas. We have also started our hiring process in the operations department with an idea of expansion of our team.

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