FastBeetle celebrates 2 successful years of bringing smiles at the doorsteps

3 min readOct 29, 2021

Celebrating 2 successful years of the journey that belongs in Kashmir to Kashmir and for Kashmir.

Our tech-based Kashmiri startup, that goes an extra mile to serve the underserved with the undemanding solution of last mile delivery network, turns two. FastBeetle supports local businesses especially women led businesses in the valley to grow and overcome the economic crisis that Kashmir valley has been witnessing due to socio-political unrest and now globally hit pandemic.

Image source: Forbes India (In picture: Founders of FastBeetle)

We took this journey full of havoc because we had the insights of how our solution is going to revolutionise than just understanding what problem our people are facing

Beetle Journey: A recap

  • Dating back to the memory when our founders went out themselves to deliver a parcel a day on a traditional FZ bike, it was then when we put it on an excel sheet. Yes, we started with an excel sheet to keep track of our orders and understand the process. It’s totally ok to start with ordinary
  • As more people started joining us, we shifted towards the technology. The sole purpose was to empower our people especially the women entrepreneurs who would think twice to step out of their homes in a conventional zone like ours. It’s important to think beyond conflict
  • From a web based dashboard to the cross platform mobile applications and automations, our technological curve of empowerment kept rising. For a 2g Internet zone of ours, we optimised our application to work on lesser internet speed. We did this by tweaking a few parameters, used the proper caching strategy that eliminated the network variability, used better image libraries and so on but didn’t just gave up. It’s mandatory to understand, where there is a will, there is a way
  • Our operations from the very first day were tougher but with the support of whole team and our spirit of going an extra mile, we didn’t stop. From moving within the city to reaching the unexplored geography, the last mile network kept building with the operational efforts. It has to be started from somewhere.
  • While whole world was facing the huge calamity of global pandemic, we as a team decided to uplift our people. With the mechanical efforts from our delivery team and the rescue of our technical platform, we started from delivering the essentials on the onset of pandemic and ended up supporting local economy by delivering local grown products to the end users. Our top milestone being delivery of 5 ton locally produced apples in 2 weeks. All this turned our pandemic lockdown journey ever empowering. It’s there, we are set out on a journey of empowerment
  • Although we were locked down, it couldn’t stop us travel over the seas. We earned a global recognition for our brand by representing and getting awarded for ourselves in tech cohort, SOCAP entrepreneur’s Summit. Besides, we also earned national and state level recognitions for FastBeetle, one favourite being Lemon Ideas. Does this feel like spamming? It’s ok to brag if it inspires people
  • After the pandemic waves started subsiding, we kept moving towards the establishment of our place in different cities through our Franchisees. It’s all about growing together
  • Further, our milestone journey achieved bigger heights with the collaboration of big e-commerce giants like Amazon and FlipKart and as we moved from bootstrapped organisation to a venture capitalist funding one. It has to be about bigger milestones, as they depict the growth, as they inspire for more

As we celebrate this day, we acknowledge the support from the people of our valley particularly our 700+ merchants who grew with us and helped us grow too. We would also love to thank our investing team who helped us move from a bootstrapped business to a venture capital funded organisation.

As we turn two, we celebrate the day with huge appreciations for our whole team. Today, we are celebrating the empowerment, celebrating the brains that engineered this brand, celebrating our beetles on ground, celebrating our heroes unknown, above all celebrating the leaders who made it happen.

Thank you all for your constant support, keep showering your love.

We would love to hear from you as we turn two

Share your feedback as our google reviews and help us grow better and celebrate many more years of inspiration and joy.

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