Infusing the spirit of Kashmir in their app interface, FastBeetle is on with the new concept

2 min readApr 24, 2021


As our journey progresses towards restructuring and revamping the whole FastBeetle concept, our tech-driven entities shouldn’t be an exception. One of the entity being our cross-platform mobile applications which form a face for our audience to communicate with us.

Recently, after the launch of our mascot, we received huge amount of love for our favorite beetle character, Azeez. People are finding Azeez cute and a reason to smile whenever they look at him. So, why not make you all smile more, every time you place your orders from our mobile applications?

We have changed our app interfaces with Azeez’s introduction in them while infusing Kashmiri touch throughout the screens.

Know what’s magical about our updated apps

Just then when you open our downloaded or updated apps from play store/app store, the first thing that will spring your mind is the sense of belonging, the spirit of your own native place, the feel and the magic of The heaven on the earth, i.e. Kashmir. Yes, that’s new about our new update 😉

FastBeetle is a tech-driven valley based messenger and logistics brand that focusses to support local economy by helping local businesses deliver their products and also help friends and family bring home their needs and wishes with their last mile delivery support. With this theme in mind, our tech platform has to be Kashmir centric and so did we turn it out.

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