Engineering behind FastBeetle-a sustainable tech startup in Kashmir

Screenshots: From our multiple apps

Tech Stack used by the beetles

Getting into the comprehensive visualisation of whole process wouldn’t be feasible in a single story, so let’s take it with our stack first in this one.


FastBeetle Mobile apps

  • Framework: Android, iOS
  • Languages : Swift, Java, Kotlin
  • Course and tracking: Github
  • Architectural patterns: MVVM, MVP & MVC
  • Third part API’s: Google maps and places, Razor pay
  • Language: Javascript
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Framework: Express.js
  • Hosting: AWS & Digital Ocean
  • Database: MySQL
  • Course and tracking: Github
  • Engine: Hogan JS
  • Hosting: AWS & Digital Ocean
  • Course and tracking: Github


While we made a start with Java for building our first mobile application in android for our customers, seeing the drift in android for the changes that are supported by Kotlin, we made a shift towards the same. To make our apps more expressive we incrementally used Kotlin in our code to get hold on much flexibility with the add on libraries from Kotlin and also to give our developer community the perks of boosting their productivity while maintaining the user-centric experience.

Architectural Patterns

To manage the complexity in our multiple applications we use various architectures, MVP for our customer and merchant android, MVVM for our android rider and MVC for iOS applications. These patterns make sense with each of our applications individually and enables our engineers to focus on single implementation at a time.


Being the most reliable and secure platform, we chose MySQL over any other database for its flexibility, high performance and scalability. MySQL makes sense to our requirements like transaction handling and money transfers besides other technical reasons.



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