Our tech is secure, your data is safe- Security behind our engineering

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Is FastBeetle really secure?

Certainly we are living in a digitally ruled paradise and rely on technology for every other need in our list, but security would always remain the prime concern for all the thinking beings while interacting with digital platforms. There are countless what ifs running in our minds when dealing with technically run platforms especially that carry our money.

Data Security

Protecting the data, that we receive from our vendors and customers, from unauthorised use is essential not only for them but for us as well. Do you know your information is so secure on FastBeetle that even we don’t have access to it?

Data Safety

“He tried the attack consistently and what if he was successful, would it mean all our data would have been lost”, uttered one of our team member after recent attack on our servers.

Data replication

With our data replication policy implemented, a backup is created for each new entry safely and whole data is backed up time to time to prevent data loss.

Data orchestration

For further optimising besides securing our platform, we also use data orchestration in our engineering. Getting data from multiple sources and combining it helps us manage data easily and bring in the speed and of course the Fast of FastBeetle to you.



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