Introducing Rate Calculator, yet another time saving launch for you and us.

Knowing the charges for any service is a fundamental requirement for the users of the respective service. To simplify this requirement for you, we came up with a feature integrated on our web and mobile apps on the onset of this year.

While your search engines hit the online delivery options with 'Parcel delivery near me' typed from your keyboards, the immediate next questions come up as 'What are the charges for this and that pin code?’, 'How much do you charge within this city?’, 'What amount you charge for parcel deliveries nationally or internationally?’ and so on.

We have an answer to all these questions with this time saving feature launch, in the name of Rate Calculator. Now you can check the pricing for your respective areas of respective service with a tap.

You can enter your destination and pick-up pin codes along with the weight of your packages and get your charges calculated from our system. This will help people opt for our services by knowing our service charges in advance and also simplify the lives of our executives who get the queries frequently and had to calculate it manually every time.

Thank you for choosing us, your all time professional and reliable delivery service will continue to serve you with much more convenience.

Our merchants can check the same on their android apps.

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