• Faiza Majeed

    Faiza Majeed

  • iqra nazir

    iqra nazir

  • iKiok


    DataCentric Logistics and SupplyChain (Stoic \m/) Manager

  • Muheeb Mehraj

    Muheeb Mehraj

    Application Developer, Part-time Writer.

  • Abid Rashid

    Abid Rashid

  • Muez Ul Haq

    Muez Ul Haq

  • Sahr Ngegba

    Sahr Ngegba

    Sahr Ngegba, owner of a freight forwarding company, is dedicated to helping others through both his business and humanitarian efforts. SahrNgegba.org

  • Sameer Bhatt

    Sameer Bhatt

    Currently designing community experiences at Glynk

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