FastBeetle celebrates 2 successful years of bringing smiles at the doorsteps

Celebrating 2 successful years of the journey that belongs in Kashmir to Kashmir and for Kashmir.

Our tech-based Kashmiri startup, that goes an extra mile to serve the underserved with the undemanding solution of last mile delivery network, turns two. FastBeetle supports local businesses especially women led businesses in the valley to grow and overcome the economic crisis that Kashmir valley has been witnessing due to socio-political unrest and now globally hit pandemic.

Image source: Forbes India (In picture: Founders of FastBeetle)

We took this journey full of havoc because we had the insights of how our solution is going to revolutionise than just understanding what problem our people are facing

Beetle Journey: A recap

  • Dating back to the memory when our founders went out themselves to deliver a parcel a day on a traditional FZ bike, it was then when we put it on an excel sheet. Yes, we started with an excel sheet to keep track of our orders and understand the process. It’s totally ok to start with ordinary

As we celebrate this day, we acknowledge the support from the people of our valley particularly our 700+ merchants who grew with us and helped us grow too. We would also love to thank our investing team who helped us move from a bootstrapped business to a venture capital funded organisation.

As we turn two, we celebrate the day with huge appreciations for our whole team. Today, we are celebrating the empowerment, celebrating the brains that engineered this brand, celebrating our beetles on ground, celebrating our heroes unknown, above all celebrating the leaders who made it happen.

Thank you all for your constant support, keep showering your love.

We would love to hear from you as we turn two

Share your feedback as our google reviews and help us grow better and celebrate many more years of inspiration and joy.

FastBeetle, made in Kashmir.