Crossing 100 M transactions this week, Eid-ul-Azha 2021 marks yet another major milestone in our journey

Back in 2018, starting to operate as a tech based logistic startup in a place like ours, where local businesses had their comfort zone in conventional process, was challenging. There were so many buts and ifs for them while switching from the traditional obsolete business practices to the tech-based, digitally sound solutions owing to the reasons of socio-political scenarios and frequent internet shutdowns apart from other apparent ones. Meanwhile, at the same time we focused on a solution to the problem for the emerging social media based businesses and homegrown startups that mostly included women led businesses. There were young qualified women who wanted to sell their products online but lacked a medium to reach out to their customers. We became their bridge and that’s how it started.

As the journey progressed, more and more people started to partner with us and choose us as their delivery partner while we kept fulfilling last mile delivery needs of localities. The smoother it couldn't have been. Post abrogation of article 370, everything was snapped. It was the time when we had just launched our mobile application. Not giving up, we revived back after the restoration of 2g internet. Started with supporting local economy by helping local businesses overcome the crisis first due to prolonged shutdown of political scene followed by global pandemic one.

Now, as this year marked the achievement of major milestones like shifting to capital investment, collaborating with e-commerce giants like FlipKart and Amazon’ here is another big one on this Eid ul azha. We are proud to announce that we have crossed 100 million transactions this week

This one on Eid to celebrate it better. We did t together, cheers to us.

Keep choosing us and let us achieve even bigger milestones together.

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